Discover How to Develop a Proven Track Record of House Flipping Success That Will Make Any Private Money Lender Want to Work With You … Without Risking a Dime of  Your Own Money!

Let Us Show You Not Only How to Get All the Money You Need to Do Any Deal You Want … But Also How to Go About Fixing & Flipping Houses for Maximum Profits!


Does any of this sound familiar?

You see and hear about the profits that are being made fixing and flipping houses and you think real estate investing could be just what you need to get that extra money to pay your bills or build an income stream that will allow you to escape your current job ...

Or maybe you see investing as the perfect way to build your savings or to get out of debt ...

But there’s one problem – you don’t have the money you need to buy a house. If you’ve taken any real estate investment training you probably realized pretty quickly that funding is usually the one thing most trainers don’t talk about. Those that do talk about it usually say get the money from somebody you know.

But how many of us know somebody that would be willing and able to give us $50,000 or $100,000 or $200,000? And then what if the deal were to go bad? Because it involves somebody we know, it could have repercussions that last a lifetime.

But what if I told you there was a way you could get funding to do your fix and flip deals … without risking your own money or having to go to a friend or loved one?

This would allow you to establish a track record of proven investing success that would have private lenders practically lining up to work with you … so would you be interested in learning more?

What if I also told you that in addition to getting funding you can also learn step by step how to fix and flip houses for profit from somebody who is profiting greatly from this very thing right now?

Now do I have your attention?

If so, please get comfortable and read the rest of this letter. If you are really interested in fixing and flipping houses what you are about to learn is going to completely change your life!

‘Sellathons,’ Bursting Bubbles & Real Estate Investing Profits!

Hello, my name is Jerry Torres and before I became a real estate investor I was a real estate agent.

Back when the real estate inventory was rising in 2006, I realized that an upcoming mortgage meltdown was inevitable.

I didn’t know when it was going to happen, I just knew it was. So I started looking for other ways to make money other than just listing and selling homes.

As a top producing agent working for Century 21, I would often assist investors in finding deals and I could see firsthand the kind of money they were making (which was a lot more than what I was making on those deals).

So I decided to become a real estate investor as well. I even told investors that I had helped in the past that I would work for them for free if they would teach me.

 But they were so busy that they didn’t have the time to teach me!

So I did what most of us who are interested in real estate investing do, I went online.

I found a company that promised me that I would never have to work again because they were going to teach me how to create passive income streams in real estate (or in any kind of business I wanted to get into for that matter).

That’s where my journey began – I decided to attend this company’s event, which turned out to be my first “sellathon.”

What’s a ‘Sellathon’?

A sellathon is what I call a 3- or 5-day seminar where the hosts bring in a different speaker every hour with the purpose of teaching you something basic in a specific “niche” but then at the end of their spiel, they hit you with a high price ticket item you need to buy to learn more and make it all work.

I’m sure many of you reading this have attended these types of events in the past.

During my first sellathon, I paid $5,000 more to attend another 5-day event being held by an out of state speaker who claimed he would teach me how to buy and flip homes on auto pilot. (This speaker is no longer teaching by the way.)

Now guess what this speaker did at the end of each class during his event? That’s right, because there was no way that I could learn “everything” about real estate in 5 days, he recommended that I take additional education and then he brought out other speakers to sell me on the more specific training, which included such things as:

… Sound familiar?

Thanks to me attending several events like those I described above, I ended up paying roughly $60,000 for my real estate investment education by the time my training phase was all said and done – and that’s not even counting the money I spent on travel, which included flying out of state, staying in hotels, renting cars and more.

I Spent All That Money & Ran Straight into a Brick Wall!

What do I mean? Well, there came a point where I had the real estate investment education ... I knew what to do step by step … but I couldn’t make any money because of the one thing that no real estate investment teacher had bothered to teach me how to secure funding to flip homes and properly talk to private lenders.

That’s a pretty big thing not to know how to do. I mean basically I had the knowledge but I couldn’t get started.

You see, the majority of real estate investment trainers never prepare you for the biggest objection any institutional bank, hard money lender, private money lender or even your friends and family will give you:

How do I know I can trust you?

This is a sad reality. I’ve since learned that the majority of lenders out there want to see that you have some sort of experience.

Think about it:  If you were a private money lender would you easily trust someone that doesn't seem to know what he is doing? I doubt it.

It Ended Up Taking Me Four Long Years

to Flip My First House

How did I finally do it? I found an angel investor who for a $10,000 funding fee was willing to get me the money necessary to fund my first fix and flip deal. Since finding a good deal was never my problem, I took the investor up on the offer and quickly put together two flips and a wholesale deal in California (the latter deal was just to get familiar with the wholesaling process).

Let me tell you, with those two flip deals under my belt my life changed.

Suddenly the Doors of Heaven Opened Up & the Sun Started to Shine Bright Upon My Face! 🙂

Now that I had done two flip deals, any hard money lender or private lender I talked to about funding found it easy to lend me money because I had … a Proven Track Record of Success!

The same thing will happen for you - once you have successfully completed your first two rehabs, fundraising will be so much easier because any private lender will be able to see that you are an investor who is experienced at flipping homes.

Now, Before I Move On Let Me Quickly Tell You
Another Interesting Part of My Story:

My Angel Investor wasn’t even using his own money to fund my deals. He was using other people’s money ... can you believe it?

Here’s the truth, the house flipping business can be totally done using other’s people money (OPM).

There are private lenders out there willing to even lend you the money you might need to fund the repairs on your flips.

In fact, I’ve gotten to a point now where I, myself, have more private money available to fund real estate flips than I can use on my own.

That’s where you come in.

I’m looking to expand my real estate network by coaching and training new entrepreneurs on all aspects of the house flipping business. And here’s the best part, I won’t be doing it during a 5-day sellathon that’s light on information and heavy on sales pitches.

Instead of paying your hard-earned money on a few basic classes that don’t really teach you anything, you’ll be getting a complete fix and flip program that you can follow step by step from getting funding to closing the deal to banking your cash profits.


Real Estate Investment Trainer's

Complete House Flipping Program

We have designed the most comprehensive, easy to follow, house flipping program in History...We know that this program will not only resonate with you but You will be able to see the value in it and  feel good about it...

We Offer A 3 Day House Flipping Workshop That is Jam-Packed With EVERYTHING You Need To Know About The House Flipping Business...

This is How The Agenda of DAY 1 looks:

  • Asset Protection. Would you agree that before you start flipping homes, you need to be properly set up with the right entities in order to reduce the risk of lawsuits?
  • How to Quickly Launch Your House Flipping Business – We will show you how to use technology to your advantage, including how to use a series of must-have apps to put more money in your pocket!
  • How to Set Up Your Own Title Account – We’ll show you how to gain access to title records that is usually only available to real estate agents and appraisers. You’ll be able to quickly find out who owns a piece of real estate, how many loans (if any) are recorded against the property, the specific property characteristics such as square footage, year built, bedroom and bathroom count, and much more.
  • How to Easily Access Off Market Properties to Flip – One of the best ways for an investor to make juicy returns is to target “off market” properties to flip. Here you’ll learn how to avoid the competition that comes from targeting listings on Redfin or Zillow and instead deal directly with the homeowner
  • How to Get FREE Leads to Flip – We’ll give you daily access to preforeclosures, divorce sales, FSBO’s and probate leads in five cities of your choice at no extra charge. This is a $200 monthly value
  • Understanding The Pre-Foreclosure Market. Would you agree that there will always be people going through the pre-foreclosure process? It doesn't matter how strong the market is... at any giving moment, there will always be people losing their homes due to job loss, divorce, business failure, sickness, addiction, etc. Can you see why an investor needs to be a master on this acquisition strategy?
  • How to Make a Killing Buying Short Sales – Many of the people facing foreclosure have little to no equity or are heavily upside down. You will learn how to profit from properties that have no equity. This is another one of those un-tapped “niches” that most investors don’t tap into simply because they don’t know how to do it.

Agenda Of Day 2:

  • Understanding The Probate Market – The beauty of buying probate homes is the fact that the majority of homes going through the probate process have deferred maintenance giving the investor negotiating power and the ability to buy the homes at a good discount.
  • Marketing Systems. During this section, we will show you how to Effectively Market to Motivated Sellers.  We will teach you exactly what to do to schedule appointments. In every class our students are able to schedule between 1 to 3 appointments as a group.
  • How To Answer Incoming Calls. After you start implementing some of our proven marketing systems, you will have sellers calling you and begging you to buy their homes. We will show you the right way of answering incoming calls. We will teach you the right questions to ask so you can convert the calls into appointments and then contracts.
  • Lead Generation Scripts. You will learn our proven scripts that keep the sellers engaged and on the phone until you can close them for an appointment to preview their homes.
  • Live Deal Analyzing and Deal Structuring – After our demo lead generation session we always end up with a couple of appointments to analyze. Every appointment represents a unique opportunity to teach us something new since each house could be bought using different investment strategies, such as: Buy the property Subject To, give the seller cash to walk, do an equity split with the seller, secure the property and do a wholesale, do a short sale, buy the property during the probate procedure and more. We’ll work through them all
  • Simple Process To Determine The ARV.  You don't know how many times we have seen investors lose money because they couldn't arrive at an exact After Repaired Value on the homes they bought. Knowing how to precisely determine the ARV of a home is a necessary skill set that an investor needs to master.
  • Deciding On Your Acquisition & Exit Strategy. Before you buy any investment home, you have to know which technique you will use to acquire the title of the home. This is called acquisition strategy. At the same time, even before you buy the home, you have to know how you will capitalize on the investment when you sell it. This is know as exit strategy.  During class, we will show the different ways we can go in and out of a deal and make money in the process.
  • How to Write California-Based Contracts To Fix and Flip or Wholesale – You will learn the proper way of writing up contracts according to California law so that your deals close and you stay out of trouble
  • How to Present Options & Offers – You will learn the right way to negotiate with all types of homeowners so that your offer gets accepted

Agenda Of Day 3:

  • How To Wholesale Contracts. Many times new investors want to make money sooner than later and instead of going through a fix and flip process, they prefer to make quick cash by assigning or wholesaling  the contract to another investor. If this is the case with you, we will show you exactly how to do this and more importantly the type of deals that allow for the contract to be assigned.
  • How to Fundraise 100% of Money You Need To Invest. During this class you will learn where and how to tap into millions of dollars in private money that are available to fund your deals. We will teach you how to present to private lenders who are loaded with money so they feel comfortable enough to work with you and are willing to lend you even the repair money so you can truly flip homes using 100% of Other’s People Money (OPM), how cool is that?
  • Previewing Property Caravan. During the caravan, you will learn how to maximize your returns by taking advantage of our rehab ideas and by spotting potential problems that could cause investors to lose money. We will show you to estimate repairs and how to prepare a bullet proof Scope Of Work to hire contractors.

As you can see, our 3 Day Workshop is full of great information for you to start making money as quickly as possible!

And the best part about it is that you have the opportunity to come back every month to refresh your knowledge. The only thing we ask you is for you to pay it forward by volunteering and assisting us as an "Assistant Coach" so that together, we can help even more people. Fair enough?

Now Here’s Where Things Get Really Exciting – For A Limited Time ...In Addition to the Classes Just Mentioned You’ll Also Be Getting 100% Fundraising On ALL of Your DEALS for One Year!

You the beginning of our house flipping career, our biggest obstacle was lack of capital to do our flips. Now, we have access to more private money that we can use on our own. That's why, and for a Limited Time, if you decide to get involved with us today and decide to do a joint venture with us (50/50), we will do the fundraising (acquisition & repairs) on all the deals you find for one year.

The reality is, we don't know for how long we are going to be able to offer this limited time offer but for now and until we decide otherwise, if you make the decision to get involved with us today, you don't have to worry where the money to fund your deals is coming from. It doesn't get any better than this!

Believe me when I tell you, our program is designed to teach you the nuts and bolts of the house flipping business from A-Z  and you should be able to do it on your own and keep all the profits (we even show you how to fund raise your own private money) but if you think you might not be able to find a private lender to lend you money and if you decide to split the deal with us, we offer to do all the fundraising for you. We will even raise the repair money for you.

THIS IS HUGE! I don’t think there is another training company that would do the fundraising for you.

Yes, there are other training companies out there that claim to have access to capital but when you go to their class you are usually introduced to a Hard Money Lender who claims to be a private lender.

For example:

Most hard money lenders claim to be “asset based” (they loan money based on the value of the asset) but when I recently went to one of these companies to check out the competition, I pitched a property that was 41% on the dollar. The lender wanted to see my credit, a 35% down payment in the bank, the loan monthly payments and the repair money.

Think about it, I was buying a house for $190,000 that was worth $465,000 and they still wanted me to give a down payment. How crazy is that? And yet they claimed to be asset based.

Thank God, we have never used a hard money lender in our lifetime. We have always used truly private money lenders willing to lend you 100% of the acquisition, even the repairs. That’s why we can offer this limited time offer to the members of our network, because that’s how we flip homes – using 100% of other’s people money.

Ready to get started? You can sign up for The Real Estate Investment Complete House Flipping Program for $10,000

Now while that may seem like a lot of money, when you stop and really consider everything that you are getting – and what you are avoiding, i.e. those money-grabbing sellathons – this really is a terrific deal.

In fact, there is no doubt in my mind that this program is actually going to save you money and allow you to start earning cash profits as a real estate investor much faster than any other method out there.

Like I said earlier, I spent $60,000 on my own real estate investment education – this program would have saved me a tremendous amount of money. Think there is no way you’ll spend that much? You are going to be very surprised by how fast it all adds up. Attend just two “sellathons” and you could easily spend more than the cost of this course.

Here’s another way to look at this price – it’s nothing compared to the profits you can make on just your first deal. With my program you can pay for your training on your first deal or two and then proceed on to making pure profits! What could be better than that?


Here Are Some Testimonials From People Who Have Worked With Us

Rocco LaPenna

During my first 30 days of implementing the system I secured my first contract that lead to my first $10,000 wholesale fee

Rocco LaPenna Closure Group
Cisco Gonzalez

Jerry walked me through the process of securing a vacant home under contract. After going through the numbers, we determined that if we did the rehab we were going to make $25,000. So, we decided to wholesale the property instead and made a quick $25,000 wholesale fee.

Cisco Gonzalez Amen Investments Enterprises, Inc
Edgar Nuñez

When got the short sale approval on my first deal, I thought I was going to lose the deal since the bank only gave us 3 days to close. Jerry found the money to buy the home, walked me through the rehab process and we made $142,046 NET Profit! How awesome is that?

Edgar Nuñez Trinity Partners Corp

100%, No Questions Asked Money Back Guarantee

We Know You’re going to have so much fun learning the house flipping process and that you will feel good about our program that we offer a 100% Money Back Guarantee. If at the end of the FIRST DAY of our 3 day workshop you are unhappy for any reason, we will return your full investment. (If you don’t say anything after the first day, you are saying you fully comply with our program and have decided to stay the entire course.)


Still On The Fence? Here Is A Special Bonus!

Bring A Guest At 50% OFF

We understand that you might want to do this business with your spouse, a friend or a business partner. If this is the case, you can take advantage of our promotional 50% discount. if you decide to do this business with someone else, instead of paying the regular fee of $20,000 for two people, you only pay $15,000 for you and you guest! Isn't that awesome?

So What Are You Waiting For?  Sign Up To Our Program Today!

No longer do you have to “go at it alone” and try to figure out how to succeed as a real estate investor through trial and error and/or by spending $60,000 (like I did) on investing programs that fail to tell you the one thing you MUST KNOW – how to raise funds for deals as a newbie with no track record of success.

We give you a complete, proven effective system that you can follow step by step. There’s nothing for you to figure out, nothing for you to be uncertain about.

This is your chance to not only learn how to succeed at fixing and flipping houses but to get funding for your first deals so that you can build a proven track record that will have lenders lining up to work with you.

You’ll be light years ahead of investors who don’t enroll in the program.


Click The Button Below To Sign Up Now!

To your success,

Jerry Torres

Real Estate Investment Trainer

 P.S. We promise our programs are “all inclusive.” We won’t try to upsell you anything!

P.P.S. We also promise we won’t bring outside speakers to our classes to try to sell you additional information either!

P.P.P.S. Remember when I mentioned off-market properties earlier on this page? They really are your best chance for fast success as a real estate investor and if you sign up now, we’ll show you how to find profitable deals in off-market preforeclosures, probates, affidavits of death, evictions, divorce sales, expired listings, subject to’s, FSBO’s, non-owner occupied/out of state owners, tax defaults, upside down properties and more. There is no competition for these deals, you can step in and start making money right away. Let us show you how! Sign Up Now!